Financial Needs
Financial Needs

The Good Shepherd Alliance supports four homes that house 40 individuals on any given day. Two-thirds of our residents are children. We rely on the communities financial support to provide the shelter, heat, food, supplies, case management and all other needs for our families in transition back to stability. Please consider how you might support our programs through a one-time gift or regular monthly sponsorship. Here are some things your sponsorship would provide.

Facility Mortgage, Utilities and Operations
  • As with any home or business, there are expenses involved in day-to-day operation including rent or mortgage, electric, heating oil, water, trash service, telephone, maintenance, and insurance.

Guest Supplies, Clothing, Food or Gas
  • GSA provides personal items such as clothing vouchers to our thrift store, personal hygiene supplies, food items, gift cards to local stores and gas stations, haircuts for interviews and occasionally nights at hotels for emergencies.

Case Management Services
  • Professional paid staff is required to provide case management services, counseling, life skills training and monitoring of the shelters. Our intensive case management program, Six Steps to Self-Sufficiency addresses all areas of the individual or families lives to help build the foundation that will lead to successful self-sufficiency for the long term.

Maintenance and Administration
  • Trained staff is required for facilities maintenance and repair, record keeping and financial management.

Baby formula, diapers, wipes, and other supplies
  • Mothers with children require many items such as diapers, school supplies, toys, and books. They also require shampoo, baby wash, baby food and other items for both mother and children.

Kitchen, Laundry, Cleaning and Other Supplies
  • Every shelter requires kitchen and laundry supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies, toiletries and other usable items.

As you can imagine with any household, the costs are many. Our homes are no different. We have the same bills as any home, only multiplied due to the shear number of people we help every day. Please won’t you help us help our community today?

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