Our Guests
Our Guests and Neighbors
Our Guests: Although they may be in a difficult situation that others may view as being needy or problematic, The Good Shepherd Alliance believes that our guests have many capabilities and resources to offer to their own and the community's benefit. We seek to enable our guests to employ their assets, skills and talents to help themselves in obtaining self-sufficiency rather than offering another "band-aid" program that continues their dependency on others. Our friends and neighbors need our help. Thank you for joining us.

The Good Shepherd Alliance has a philosophy that is different than most non-profit organizations. The Good Shepherd Alliance views the individuals and families that request our services as "neighbors" and "guests" rather than "clients", "problems" or "needs".

Viewing someone as a "client" often strips that person of the positive attributes that make up an individual living in our community. Rather than viewing these individuals as "problems" and "needs", we view them as they actually are, our neighbors and guests:


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