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Hope's Treasures Retail Store
The Good Shepherd Alliance Retail Store is a major source of revenue for the Good Shepherd Alliance, Inc. which provides emergency shelter for the homeless in Loudoun County. In addition, the thrift store provides much-needed clothing and household items to homeless and needy individuals and families through our voucher programs.

The Good Shepherd Alliance has three thrift stores to help raise money in support of our housing programs.

  • Hope's Treasures in Leesburg is our newest and largest store at over 8,600 square feet of furniture, housewares, clothing, toys, shoes, books, electronics and much more.
  • Hope's Treasures in Sterling is our oldest store and has over 6,000 square feet of bargains. Housewares, clothing, books, electronics and much more.
  • Hope's Treasures in Ashburn is over 3,000 square feet and provides great bargains on clothing, electronics, furniture and housewares as well as some special high-end items.

Thrift stores are a great way to shop, to save money and to be careful with our planet’s resources. It is also an inexpensive way for people to shop and repurpose everything, from the kitchen sink to the tool box.

Our stores are a blessing to GSA in three ways:
  • All of our guests and outreach clients can receive free vouchers to shop for necessities;
  • If items are sold the proceeds support our shelters;
  • If items are not sold they are shipped to Third World countries.

We have heard of some with the mistaken idea that they should avoid shopping in the thrift stores, leaving the bargains for those who need them. You would not be cheating the needy out of good buys at the stores; there are plenty of donated items for everyone. Shopping at the thrift stores gets you deals and helps the homeless at the same time. The proceeds from your purchases provide a safe place for families, women and children to stay and services to get them out of a homeless situation. The shelters run 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a large expense and GSA (Good Shepherd Alliance, Inc.) could in no way do this without the community’s support.

Our thrift stores are there to provide a valuable opportunity for those with limited means or in emergency situations. Many times the local Red Cross will call on behalf of someone that has lost everything in a home catastrophe, such as a fire or flood. They will receive necessary clothing or household items with a FREE voucher. The schools may send a child or family that is in need of clothing, coats or shoes with a voucher to receive these items for FREE. Donations also provide funding for other services to the needy.

We invite you to come in to shop the next time that you drop off your donations to our thrift stores. Find the deals you need in this tough economic time, for the sake of those in need in your community.

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The Good Shepherd Alliance | 20684 Ashburn Road | Ashburn, VA 20147

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