Mary's House of Hope Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing
Two Year Program - Mary's House of Hope Transitional Home for single mothers

Residents at Mary’s House of Hope have proven successful in the GSA Six Step program and have worked hard at working toward self-sufficiency while residing at our Hebron Women and Children’s Shelter. However, they are either expecting a child or have an infant already. Having a baby can put a tremendous strain on a mother in this situation. The difficulties of having an infant, and possibly another young child, while facing a low-income situation, can cause a huge set-back for someone coming out of homelessness. It can even result in being homeless again and losing her children due to an unstable environment and living situation.

Mary’s House of Hope is a transitional home for pregnant women that is the next step in helping young homeless mothers become the best parents they can be. Here they receive support and resources necessary to help prevent a cycle of homelessness that can pass on to the next generation. Here mothers can receive pre- and post-partum support such as prenatal care, lactation consulting, parenting classes, and the consistency of a safe home for up to two years.

Mary’s House of Hope is home to as many as three women, either pregnant or having an infant, three toddlers, and the house monitor.

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